Melatonin Supplement

3.1 million American adults regularly use melatonin. Currently they are over 400,000 children using it. What is melatonin? The pineal gland in our body produces a hormone which is known as melatonin. Experts are of the opinion that when you are sleeping your body would have high level production of melatonin. This production decreases once the body is exposed to light in the morning. If you travel around the world you would suffer from jet lags. This would also occur if you are working in shifts which are irregular. To overcome these problems, experts recommend Melatonin Supplement. These supplements help in solving sleep problems considerably. People, who have stopped smoking or who are facing side effects due to beta blockers and also from stopping intake of drugs rich in benzodiazepine, are advised to take these supplements. Children suffering from autism are also given this drug.

Melatonin SupplementWhy do people have sleep problems?

People who suffer from insomnia or sleep problems have low percentage of melatonin in their body. National Health-Interview Survey has undertaken a study which indicated that from 2002 onwards the consumption of these supplements has gradually increased. They are now considered by many Americans as an alternative technique to get good sleep.

How does melatonin work in our body?

Studies undertaken by University of Maryland Medical-Center have revealed that melatonin just does not provide a fix for sleep problems. It plays an important role when a women starts menstruation, it is fixes its ovulation cycles and plays an important part in menopause too.  Medical experts recommend these supplements rich in melatonin to increase bone support during menopause. This study further updated that women suffering from breast cancer would have lesser melatonin than women who do not have cancer. Men suffering from prostate cancer also have lower levels of melatonin than men who do not have cancer. American Cancer Society has undertaken studies which indicated that people undertaking shifts which are irregular on a daily basis are more exposed to cancer. The anti-oxidant elements of melatonin attack the cancer cells in the body.

How is it used in cancer treatment?

When you suffer from cancer in the brain, lung, head and neck area, melatonin is used to treat them. When you undertake chemotherapy, you suffer from side effects like weakness, weight loss and acute nerve-pain. Melatonin Supplement are given to counter these side effects in a major way. Other medical conditions like depression, migraine, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease are also treated by melatonin.

How is it available in the market?

Apart from supplements, melatonin is also available in pills and syrup forms. The dosage used in these supplements of melatonin could vary from one milligram to ten milligrams. Some also have melatonin precursors which are converted by the body and used to undertake its functions.

How effective is melatonin?

•    Children suffering from autism have insomnia. Children having disorders of central nervous system also have sleep problems. This fact was revealed by a study undertaken National- Institutes of Health. However the intake of supplements rich in melatonin has helped them to sleep better and quickly. However the duration of the sleep did not change as per the finding of Journal of Child-Neurology.

•     Researchers at National- Institutes of Health have also recommended the intake of this supplement for people who have cluster headaches. The dosage could be around 10 milligrams.

•    However the common effectiveness of melatonin lies in the fact that it reduces daily sunburn in our skin.

•    Studies have indicated that the usage of these supplements rich in melatonin has reduced the growth of tumors in breast cancer.

American Cancer Society clearly mentions that the relationship between cancer cells and melatonin needs to be studied more extensively. There is a lack of evidence which would make it difficult to prove how effective is melatonin. However, it has been proved that people suffering from sleep disorder enjoy induced sleep quickly. But the duration of the sleep cannot be measured here.

If you are suffering from sleep problem, it would be best if you consider the advice of a medical expert before you consume these supplements. Otherwise, you might be in for unnecessary hassles.

Melatonin Supplement

Melatonin supplement: How effective are they?

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